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No2.Pictures Nonogram/picross


* DescriptionNo2. Pictures Nonogram,Picross(Griddlers, Picture Logic, Paint by Numbers) is a puzzle game with two main mountains of Sudoku.
A game in 1988 Nishio Tetsuya Japanese made, and the horizontal axis and puzzle game of finding the hidden picture by using the number listed on the vertical axis. Point look for the hidden using the numbers are similar to Minesweeper, but there is compensation of the completion of the picture the game received an enthusiastic popular puzzle dollars.
Please gameplay is using Google Search.
* Features.Concise, easy-to-use interface.Auto Save function.Auto Fill function (Auto Fill).Hinting for. Beginners.World record management by stage.Using high readability font..Vomit collectible for High Quality.The stages are constantly updated staging